During a routine mammogram, the doctor noticed a small mass in my right breast that needed further testing. He scheduled a follow-up magnified mammogram, ultra-sound and then a biopsy of the area. The biopsy indicated that I had Grade 1 Invasive Lobular Cancer. My husband, Pastor Rocky, laid hands on me and we rebuked the cancer and commanded it to dissolve. Pastor Rocky gave me books to read on healing to build up my faith. Two-weeks later before meeting with the surgeon, an MRI of both breasts and lymph nodes was conducted to determine the exact size of the tumor and to determine if there was other cancer. The day after the MRI the physicians assistant called me to give me the results telling me that the tumor could not be found and there was no sign of cancer. Jesus is the same today as he was 2000 years ago. He went about doing good and healing all who were sick and oppressed by the devil…and he still does today. His sacrifice was enough for my salvation and healing, and it’s enough for you too. Thank you, Jesus!

From the first car accident when I was 20, I have experienced pain throughout my body, among many other symptoms such as depression, brain fog, and lethargy. Of course, at that age, I thought everyone experienced this and I totally ignored it. When I was 40, I mentioned it to my doctor. She told me that it was NOT normal for a person to have pain throughout their whole body and the other symptoms. She diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. By the time I was 49, I could really feel the pain and the doctor I had at that time put me on pain meds and it did help. Also, I was referred to a Rheumatologist, she took blood tests, which showed horrible stuff all throughout my body and a lot of auto-immune stuff lurking about, one of them being Lupus. On a Wednesday night while in worship at 3 Rivers Family Church Jesus walked in the room, not that I could see Him but His tangible presence was strong. He touched me on the back of the head. I am NOW totally pain-free without any meds. I’m ready to get my life back and start snowmobiling and dirt bike riding again. I have been healed by the Lord, blood tests don’t lie! I thank God with all my heart. Jesus still heals! Thank you, Jesus! 

On the day, I was invited to church, I gave my life to Christ and was delivered from years of cocaine addiction. Because of being on probation from two felony convictions I have been working for minimum wage at a pizza restaurant. After hearing Pastor Rocky’s “No Limits” series where he taught, I am a “whosoever” and I will have “whatsoever” I say, I began changing the way that I thought about my situation. I also have changed how I pray. I remember Pastor Rocky saying that if we did what he taught in the “No Limits” series that in 21 days’ things would change. Well in only two weeks, I received a call from an IT company. I will be starting my new full-time job on Monday making $20 an hour. I learned that I was always asking and expecting so little and God wanted so much more for me. Friday will be my last day of working for minimum wage. Thank you, Pastor Rocky, for teaching the truth. I want the whole world to know that God is so good.

Over the last several years I had made a mess of my life and my marriage. My wife and I were separated and heading for divorce. Pastor Rocky suggested that I listen to the Winning in Life series that he taught. After listening to the series, my eyes were opened, and it put me back on track. He was exactly on point. I heard him say that one word from Jesus can change your life and destiny. Now I am a believer. I feel extremely renewed. Because of this one word, my life is changed, my wife came back home, and we are totally reconciled. Thank you, Pastor Rocky, for being there and teaching the truth.

As a result of paralytic polio, I have lived in a wheelchair for over 60 years. Over the years many people and pastors have prayed for me with no change. I’ve even had several pastors tell me that it must not be God’s will for me to be healed, so I accepted this. When I shared this with Pastor Rocky he apologized for the other pastors and assured me that Jesus died for my complete salvation which included my healing. After a couple of months of attending Pastor Rocky’s church one Sunday morning during worship, I felt inspired by the Holy Spirit to get out of my wheelchair. So, I did. I began walking and the longer I walked the less pain I experienced. So, I kept walking and praising God until I started dancing. Ever since that service I have been pain-free and living wheelchair free. Now I dance for my Savior every worship service. Thank you, Jesus!

Rocky is real and relevant in what and how he teaches. Rocky’s ministry time here at our church was powerful. We saw more people come to Christ in the three services he ministered in than on Easter. Rocky and his wife Susan fluidly flow in the Prophetic, Words of Knowledge and Gifts of Healing.

Since I was 11 years old I have suffered from debilitating seizures. For 29 years, my life has been controlled by these seizures and I have been on medication for them since I was 18, with no real success. On a Sunday during communion Pastor Rocky said, “If you need healing, come forward.” So, I did. Pastor Rocky laid hands on me and prayed. Since that Sunday I have been seizure free and medication free. I am so thankful to God; my life has never been so good or blessed.