Prayer & Fasting

Acts 9:9 – ” Paul was three days without sight, and neither ate or drank.”

I absolutely love this portion of scripture…

In Acts chapter 7 Stephen preaches this scorching gospel message. Saul hears this message and right after Stephen finished preaching this anointed, convicting gospel message, Saul had him stoned and murdered. I believe that the Holy Spirit that was all over Stephen and the message was convicting Saul. The reason I believe that is because when Saul left the stoning, he was headed to Damascus to arrest and kill other Christians. On his way, he had a direct encounter with Jesus which knocked him off his feet (slain in the Spirit). After Saul is knocked to the ground, the first words out of his mouth are, “Who are You, LORD?” The Holy Spirit used Stephen’s last message to convict Saul and bring him to Christ – Saul ultimately becoming the greatest apostle of the Bible. You never know who your life is touching or influencing. It might be the next apostle to nations. Like Stephen, our lives are communicating the “Good News”, the everlasting message of the Kingdom. No matter how insignificant you might think you are, your life has an eternal, divine purpose.

Who are you, Lord?

After Saul has this encounter with Jesus and is converted, the very FIRST THING that the Lord has him do is FAST and PRAY. This gives me great encouragement. Saul is a brand-new Christian, yet because of this encounter with Jesus, he had the strength to FAST. In other words, if Saul could FAST & PRAY as a new believer we should too.

Fasting and Praying spiritually positions you to hear from God for BREAKTHROUGH, concerning His Will, direction, and purpose for this year. I want to encourage you to keep this portion of scripture handy. Refer to it often to energize and encourage your faith. There are a few specific things that happened for Saul during this FAST. We should expect that during our time of FASTING and PRAYER to hear from God – as Saul did.

The spirit of expectation is the breeding ground for miracles!

Though the Bible does not say at what point, but I believe that it was during this FAST that Saul, the disciple of Gamaliel (Jewish Rabbi), received his new identity as Paul the Apostle of Jesus Christ. I believe that during this time of drawing closer to the Lord, God will increase your awareness of your identity In Christ. Your old man (Saul) being passed away and your new identity being permeated with Christ. You are no longer an orphan, a stranger to the covenant but you are now a SON/DAUGHTER, an heir of the Kingdom, an ambassador of the Kingdom (Ephesians 2:12,13, 2 Corinthians 5:20). This is now who you are. Your new and true identity is In Christ.

Through this FAST, Saul became Paul receiving God’s vision for his life. God will do the same for you. As you consecrate yourself unto the Lord through FASTING and PRAYER the Lord will reveal Himself and give you a greater revelation of who you are and who He is. Whether affirming what you might already know or giving greater clarity and commitment, God wants to communicate with you. As you seek God with your whole heart, He is always faithful to speak. He will faithfully meet with you to give you greater BREAKTHROUGH and vision for your life. FASTING and PRAYER will cause us to get beyond our flesh so that we can get past our carnal perspective to see what the Lord is wanting to do. The Apostle Paul said that living according to the flesh is death but living unto the Spirit is life (Romans 8:13). God has called us unto life.

Fasting and Prayer will cause us to get beyond our flesh.

My prayer for you today is that you will consecrate yourself to FAST & PRAY, to seek God with your whole heart so that when you do God will prove Himself strong and mighty to you for the BREAKTHROUGHS that you need!

Pointing People to Jesus,

Rocky Byers

“On Earth as it is in Heaven!