The Year of More

Isaiah 54:2 -“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold backlengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.”

As I prepare myself for what God has for us in this upcoming year, I glance back at 2020 with a sigh of relief. I realize that many people have also experienced the same thing. The enemy has been harassing, almost like what the Apostle Paul encountered in 2 Corinthians 12. To the Apostle Paul, the enemy’s attack seemed like a “thorn in the flesh” trying to get him to quit and shrink back into comfort and lessen his territory and impact. As I prepare for our annual 21-day fast, I believe that one of the Words the Lord is speaking into 2021 is Isaiah 54:2. I believe that this coming year God will break through the boundaries and the hindrances that we have been experiencing! 

This coming year will be a season to stretch our faith for more. More of God in our lives causing us to take more territory for His Kingdom. The year of more. More God through More prayer! More fasting! More Word! More worship! For you to see God’s breakthrough in your life and for 2021 to be different than 2020 is going to require us to hunger for more! God is wanting to expand our tent pegs beyond our limitations. I believe that God is wanting to do a “new thing” that we do not have a paradigm for. We must not settle for comfort, but we must push forward for more. God is always challenging us to grow but this year He is calling us to ENLARGE our territory and sphere of influence. Go for it – that BIG DREAM that is in your heart. I ask, what do you have to lose? God is saying, “ENLARGE, STRETCH, LENGTHEN, STRENGTHEN, DO NOT HOLD BACK!” In other words, GO FOR IT!! Grab your tent peg – rip it out of the ground of comfort and stretch to a place that seems impossible. In Psalm 42:7 God says that “Deep is calling unto deep.” But before we can STRETCH or lengthen there must first be an enlargement. An enlargement of God in our lives, an enlargement of vision, an enlargement of His heart in us. God is saying, “It’s a new season that I am calling forth the deep things that are in you.” There is a treasure in you, dreams in you. Dreams that you may have ignored, pushed down, or even forgotten about. This is your year to “Just go for it!”. When Canon Andrew White was struck with MS, he was given some advice, “Don’t take care, take a risk.” God is calling us out of the safe place to take a risk. We all are comfortable operating at a certain level. It is usually a place that does not require us to take a risk. This year 2021 is different, God is calling us out into the deep – to take a risk.

Before we can stretch there must first be an enlargement.

In this season, God is waiting for you to step out of the boat of comfort and familiarity to experience what He has set up for you in this moment of your life. God has called us to partner with Him. He wants to anoint us and empower us to ENLARGE, STRETCH, and LENGTHEN our reach of influence. But it is going to require us to step out in faith and take a risk. According to Hebrews 11:6, God always rewards faith. No one ever accomplished anything great by sitting in the boat of comfort. So, the greater the STRETCH the greater level of reward you will see and receive. For many of you, this is going to require you to stop – just going to church. There is a God dream in you, ENLARGE, STRETCH, and LENGTHEN. Go for it! For some of you, it is going to require you to get out of the church that you are in. What God is wanting to do will not happen through dry, dead, religious churches without the Presence of God. For us to do what God is wanting to do in 2021, we need more of God.

True faith requires risk.

My prayer for you is that you will be thankful for what you have experienced but realize that it is not enough. My prayer is that you will hunger and thirst for more of God and His presence this year. That your spiritual eyes would be opened to see what God is calling you to. A deeper spiritual hunger that will cause your heart to become one with the Father’s.

Pointing People to Jesus,

Rocky Byers

“On Earth as it is in Heaven!”