It’s a Revolution

Hebrews 13:20-21 –“Now may the God of peace who raised up our Lord from the dead…make you complete in every good work to do His will, and may He work in us what is pleasing to Him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.”

One of the only reasons God wants to use us is to give irrefutable proof of who He is. Supernatural living demonstrates who God is and what He wants to happen on earth.

As a believer, our job here on earth is to show up and prove the will of God. In other words, to show other people what He is like. Our calling is to make God’s will obvious. If we believe in the life and words of Jesus, then there is no option for us. Jesus commanded, “go heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out devils” (Matthew 10:8). It’s not a mere suggestion. Our job is to show up and put God on display. To convey that the reality in Heaven can be manifested right here, right now (Matthew 6:10). We are not to be people that only believe the “right” things but we have to be people that have been so transformed by the Word of our Father that we express Him in everything we do. Our lives should cause others to realize, “Oh, that is what God is like.” Healing, deliverance, and restoration give people a clearer understanding of who God is.

Our job is to show up and put God on display.

Not too long ago I was in a sports bar watching an NFL football game. Yes, Jesus through us still goes where the lost and hurting are (John 2:1-11). As the game was coming to an end, a young man walked up to the bar, and soon he was surrounded by several friends. As I watched I realized that the left side of his body was paralyzed. I must admit that at first, I wanted to leave when the game was over but the longer I thought about it the more convinced I became that if I left I would be letting Jesus down. So, I finally got up the boldness to put God on display and I approached the crowd. After introducing myself and expressing that I believed Jesus wanted to heal him, he agreed that l could pray for him. I believe that Jesus touched him, and he is being healed. But while I was praying for him, God gave me a “word” for his friend that was there. The young man couldn’t believe it. Everything I shared about him was on point – it had happened in his life just as Holy Spirit revealed it. He was blown away that God was speaking to Him in a bar. It was a Word of Knowledge that brought restoration, love, and forgiveness. After I gave him the word that Holy Spirit was revealing, He acknowledged to growing up in the church. And as a teenager, his Pastor had a prophetic word over him about being called to the ministry. He admitted that his disappointment with church eventually led to his leaving. But God reached out to him that day in a bar to prove that He hasn’t given up or forgotten about him. The young man assured me that because of this encounter he was returning to Jesus and would be going back to church.

Now I understand that everyone is not comfortable in a bar but there are opportunities around us all the time that God desires to use us in, to show up, and to put Him on display. When you realize who the Holy Spirit is in you miracles can show up where you go. When I pastored in Dallas, I used to say that Wal-Mart was my new mission field. It is time to realize that the lost and hurting are not usually showing up on Sunday morning. WOW, I wonder why? IF IT’S BROKE, FIX IT! If they are not coming to us, we must do something different. It is time for a NEW REVOLUTION. The “word” that has been prophetically spoken by some of the prophets in our land is that the next great revival will be a revival of the “misfits.” Those who have walked away from the church. Not because they don’t believe in Jesus but because they don’t believe in us, the church, the people that are supposed to be displaying who Jesus is. The Church at large is spending most of its resources on entertaining “the saints”, keeping everybody comfortable, and keeping the religious machine going. But the millennials, the 96% of this generation who are un-churched (or de-churched) have spoken. And we haven’t listened. We have built our museums and we must pay for them. I LOVE THE CHURCH but it’s time to break the mold! I am believing for the NEW REVOLUTION of the church that will reach the “misfits”. I am calling it “a new church for a new generation.” I am believing that The Revolutionaries with the Revolution are coming!

If it’s broke – Fix it!

My prayer for you today is that God will open your eyes to His opportunities to show up and put Him on display – to reach those who don’t walk into the church on Sunday morning.

Pointing People to Jesus,

Rocky Byers

“On Earth as it is in Heaven!”