Stand and Fight

2 Corinthians 4:13 – “Since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, I believed and therefore I spoke, we also believe and therefore speak.”

One of the marks of a growing maturing believer is their ability to STAND on the Word. Whether it be a prophetic Word or the written Word, those Words are the truth of who God is and what He is wanting to do in our lives. But, to see the Word from God demonstrated and manifested in our lives requires us to first believe it. Faith and believing are not mental agreeing. Because faith will always be tested, if your faith is only head (mental) faith it will be stolen every time. Jesus said, out of the abundance of the heart. Paul said that it is with the heart one believes unto righteousness (Romans 10:10). A belief does not become faith until it drops into your heart. For that transition to occur, from head to heart, requires confession, repetition, confession, and repetition. Confession and repetition sink the seed of the Word deeper and deeper until it takes root in your heart. What you’re not willing to confess you will not possess. That is the truth that Paul taught, confession is made unto salvation (Romans 10:10). And Salvation encompasses every aspect of our lives with God, from the moment of conversion to our seeing every Word experienced in our lives. Because our faith will be tested, our faith is validated by what we’re willing to STAND UP for and FIGHT for. The enemy always comes attempting to steal, to kill and destroy the Word given to us from God. He comes to oppose with the intent to steal from you what God has spoken. Jesus warns us in Mark 4:15 – “These are the ones by the wayside (shallow, immature), where the Word was sown; Satan comes to steal the Word that was sown.” The only Words that we will ever see the reward of are the ones that we are willing to FIGHT for. I wish it weren’t that way, but the truth is – Only Fighters Win! Those that lay down and accept the lies of doubt, unbelief and deception from the enemy never see the Word manifested in their lives. That is why Paul tells us to “FIGHT the good FIGHT of faith.” In my life growing up with the name Rocky, I have been in a lot of fights. The only good ones were the ones I won. Meaning I came out on top. That is what Paul is talking about. FIGHT the devil with the truth until you come out on top.

What you’re not willing to confess you will not possess.

Only FIGHTERS prevail, only FIGHTERS triumph, only FIGHTERS win!! One of the biggest problems in the body of Christ is that most do not know how to fight the devil. Their good at fighting other people but they haven’t learned how to fight the enemy of their faith. Until you learn how to do that it will be impossible for you to live in victory and possess what God has said belongs to you.

You recall the Word Mary received, that she would be pregnant with Jesus. This Word was incomprehensible and impossible to explain. She had no Biblical precedent for that Word, a virgin giving birth to a child. It was a prophetic Word. But the angel told her in Luke 1:37- “For with God nothing, in the Greek – nothing is the word no rhema, is impossible with God.” In other words, No Word spoken to us by Holy Spirit, which would include a prophetic Word, and No Word that God has given us in the Bible will be impossible. Whenever God gives us a Word, it is not going to seem possible, in fact the natural circumstances are usually contrary. But Mary had the sense to agree. Her response was Luke 1:38 – “Let it be done to me according to your Word.” The only responsibility that we have is to STAND, FIGHT and BELIEVE the Word given. Do not allow yourself to be talked out of the Word. If we Stand and Fight, God will make it happen.

Whenever God has given us a Word, it will seem impossible.

Can you imagine the opposition that Mary encountered? Besides the devil, her family and everyone that she knew, including Joseph her fiancé, she had to STAND up against the stigma of being the mother of an illegitimate child. Everything in the natural and the enemy in the spirit fought her hard, attempting to abort the Word. Anytime we don’t STAND against the enemy’s attacks and his attempts to steal the Word, we are allowing that Word to be aborted. Snatched from the birthing womb of faith. That’s what happened to the Israelite’s, Hebrews 3:19 says of them, “we see that they could not enter in because of their unbelief.” God gave them a Word; any Word from God is His will for your life. But the Israelite’s allowed themselves to be talked out of it. So, the Word even though it was the will of God was aborted.

What are you STANDING on today?

What Word are you FIGHTING with today?

After you have seemingly done all to STAND and the enemy keeps lying, STAND! 

My prayer for you today is that you will – STAND – FIGHT and WIN!!

Pointing People to Jesus,

Rocky Byers

“On Earth as it is in Heaven!”