Double Blessings

A couple of months ago a well-respected and recognized international prophet gave me a word. He does not know me personally or what I do. His word was this, “The things God spoke to you last December are important.” So, I went back into my journal to look at what God was speaking to me last December.

In the whole month of December God was speaking Psalm 92:12 to me. In fact, He said that it was “the Word for us, the body.”  

Psalm 92:12 – “The righteous will flourish.”

What God had said was that this year would be a year where the righteous will flourish, the word flourish meaning experience GREAT Breakthrough, Advancement, and Increase! Because I am an analytical teacher and because I want that great breakthrough for myself and for you, I asked the Father, how does great breakthrough happen? And He took me to 2 Chronicles 20:20, “Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; Believe His prophets (appointed man of God), you shall prosper.” What is interesting to me is that 2020 is the year of double. We are halfway through the year and so far, what we have seen this year is the opposite of double blessings. That just means that the last half of the year will more than makeup for the losses of the first half. Those that stay in faith and believe God’s prophets will see a double breakthrough in everything that they have a loss. “Believe His prophets and you shall prosper!”

One thing that is huge with God is relationships. He has called us into relationships. He did not call us to be independent. Because the enemy is a deceiver and hates us as children of The Most High God, one of his biggest tactics against us is in our relationships. The devil knows that if he can separate us from God-ordained and called relationships, he can shipwreck us from God’s blessings and purposes for our lives. Just the other day I told a man that is fighting cancer, that the house (church, pastor) that you are in a relationship with is the stuff (Word, faith) you’ll receive. “Wrong house, wrong stuff.”

One thing that is huge with God is relationships.

I will say that this year God has proven this Word to be true in our life. That by honoring the authority relationships in my life, in spite of what is going on in the world my wife’s business is flourishing, she has received a 40% raise on her corporate job, we are stepping into our life dream (, that is taking the Kingdom of God outside of the four walls of the church to the people that need the gospel the most, the un-churched. I believe that all of this has happened because I have believed 2 Chronicles 20:20 and have chosen to honor and seek counsel from the pastors/prophets that I am in a relationship with.

In Matthew 8, Jesus says this about the centurion soldier, “I tell you the truth, I have not found anyone with such great faith.” Jesus found GREAT FAITH impossible to ignore. But why did Jesus recognize the centurion as a man with great faith? The centurion told Jesus before this affirmation, “I am a man UNDER AUTHORITY.” Meaning that he was submitted to the leading authority in his life. If you are not under Spiritual authority your either full of pride or rebellious, and you’re missing out on God’s best for your life.

Neither pride or rebellion lead to success and flourishing. 

For the plans and purposes of God (Flourishing) to be carried out and fulfilled in our lives we must be under Spiritual authority and seek to have a Pastor/Prophet relationship speaking into our lives. The word righteous in Psalm 92:12 means to be in right alignment. In America because of our independent spirit we have been deceived to believe that the only relationship that matters is our relationship with God. God does not endorse that belief nor does He teach that in His Word. According to 2 Chronicles 20:20, proper alignment with God requires that we be in a relationship with a man of God (Pastor, Prophet). We are called by God to be in relationships that will speak into our lives, hold us accountable, and give us Godly counsel when needed. According to 2 Chronicles 20:20, a relationship with a pastor/prophet is necessary for our own good and protection from deception. When we make decisions that affect our lives and especially that affect other people’s lives it is necessary to seek counsel from a called man (woman) of God. And the counsel that we receive should include the Pastor that we are in a relationship with. I am truly fortunate to still be in close relationship with my mentor/pastor for 32 years. For 32 years I have consistently consulted with him when I have important decisions to make. He has always been there for me. He has not always told me what I have wanted to hear but he has always told me what I needed to hear. After 32 years of pastoring, I have seen that most people do not want relationships that will hold them accountable. In fact, I will say that most people’s mistakes happen when they do not seek counsel from a man of God that they are in a relationship with. But to fulfill God’s purposes for our lives we must be in a relationship with a God called God-ordained pastor/prophet (Ephesians 4:11,12).

To have Spiritual Authority we must be under Spiritual Authority.

The reason that most do not seek counsel from these relationships is that they are afraid that the man of God will not agree with what they feel led to do. If that is true, that does not relieve us from how God has designed for our lives to be led. If what we feel led to do is God, it should be important enough to go about it God’s way, by seeking counsel from a called man (woman) of God that we are in a relationship with. We should always seek counsel to confirm or correct what we believe that we are being led to do. If the only counsel we receive is from our friends or spouse, we are very possibly going to be deceived. Not that our friends or spouse are deceived but our friends and spouse usually support us and want us to be happy.

To fulfill God’s purposes for our lives we must be in relationship with a Pastor/Prophet.   

Today, I encourage you to not be deceived. Do not believe that you are mature enough to make important decisions without Godly counsel. That’s called PRIDE. Seek to have Jesus say of you, “I have not seen such great faith” because you positioned yourself under Spiritual authority. I’m telling you that if you do it God’s way you will get what God wants. You will flourish and prosper.

My prayer for you today is that if you are not that you will come into a relationship with a called man (woman) of God (pastor/prophet) that you can have speak into your life. 

Pointing People to Jesus,

Rocky Byers

“On Earth as it is in Heaven!”